Why It’s Important To Get Creative With Your Email Subject Line

-Please Put Us Out Of Our Misery.- (2)I found this rad article that highlights just how important a good email subject line is when you are sending out emails for your business. Read the full article here >> An Email Subject Line Testing Case Study by Tim Watson.

An experiment was carried out by Money dashboard targeting two lists using A/B subject line split testing. One list segment was active and the other one was inactive. An inactive list generally contains new subscribers that haven’t clicked on your email yet or they are an existing subscriber and haven’t clicked on an email in 5 months or more.

The two subject lines that were tested in this experiment were

Untitled design (40)

Based on the results of this study carried out by Money Dashboard  the second subject line prompted customers to open the email more than the first one. And I find this part most intriguing about the experiment.. The inactive segment open rate was much higher than the active one. So your inactive list is not as dormant as you think!

Untitled design (38)This proves that subject lines should be interesting, creative and out of the box. It must appeal to customers and by throwing in a question it prompts your customer to think and provide an opinion which makes them feel valued.

I have browsed through the web and discovered many more articles that will help you write a good email subject line.

My top 3 picks are..

Feel free to comment or share your thoughts bellow on what you think makes a good email subject line.

Natalie Maybury.


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