Make your emails go viral!

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Have you ever received an email that you enjoyed reading so much that you forward it to friend? If you answered ‘Yes’ then think about what made it that good that you had to forward it. If you answered ‘No’ then think about what would make an email worthy of sharing to a friend.

I came across this interesting read by columnist Chad White – 5 Secrets To Getting Subscribers To Forward Your Emails. Chad illustrates 5 key tactics to get your email subscribers to forward your emails, I will briefly touch on these points.

  1. The Smaller The Audience, The More Viral The Email

Small ‘niche’ companies tend to get more forwards than your bigger companies. This is because bigger businesses have bigger email lists and with broader content. The more direct content your email includes means the more your subscribers are going to forward it.

  1. Personalization Allows You To Reach Others

No surprises here! Tailor your emails to appeal to your subscribers, that way they are more likely to forward it to friends and potential new subscribers for you.

  1. When You Say “Share On Social,” Subscribers Hear, “Forward This Email”

This surprises me.. But its been proved that this is the strongest tactic to get your email forwarded.. And it’s as simple as having a “Share with your network’ call-to-action in every email you send.  There we go – we learn something new everyday!

  1. Single Subject Emails are More Shareable

There is strong evidence single subject emails are more likely to be shared over multiple subject emails. Less is best!

  1. Simplicity Spurs Forwards 

The most viral emails seem to be the most simply designed. Simple, clear messages with eye catching images is just what you need to increase your changes on getting your email to go viral.

Untitled design (41)

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Feel free to comment or share your thoughts on what you think contributes to the qualities of a viral email.

Natalie Maybury.


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