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I came across this blog post by Jeff Bullas20 Cool Tools for Creating Infographics and found some amazing online design websites that will help you turn up the heat with your digital and email marketing visuals.
Infographics are a simple yet highly effective way to take a thousand words and convert them into easily digestible information, let’s face it no-body has time to read long blog posts which is why infographics are one of the most popular forms of imagery in digital marketing.

Thankfully these days we don’t have to be Photoshop pro’s to create great images, there are many online free tools that will help you create simple infographics. Make sure you add color to your infographics as 80% of people are more willing to read anything with colors.

I’ve checked out Geoffs 20 top picks and had a play around with all of these cool tools and  I’ve come up with my top 3.. Enjoy!

  1. download

Coming in at third place is Visme. Create interactive presentations, infographics and much more with this amazing tool. You will feel spoiled for choice with all the free template options available. Are you a teacher or student? If so, a great benefit of Visme is there are special prices for you.



Coming in at 2nd place is Canva. If you haven’t heard of Canva I suggest you stop reading this right now and sign up and start designing. Canva is a brilliantly simple creative site that allows anyone to become a designer. Select from templates including infographics, business cards, twitter headers.. and start creating! If you looking for a simple and easy design program to create images for social media/email marketing Canva is your answer.


download (1) is a fantastic tool for creating delicious looking infographics with only a few clicks. There are many templates to choose from and once you’ve selected the template you would like you choose you can edit it easily.. Or should I say! This awesome infographic tool defiantly deserves the number 1 spot on my list!


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Natalie Maybury.