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facebook-mailI found an article written by Ana Gotter called 5 Easy Ways to Integrate Facebook and Email Marketing

Ana states that many marketing pros agree that the same people should be running all your marketing campaigns. This includes your Facebook, email and all other social media campaigns. If more than one person is involved in a business’s social marketing then those parties need to work closely together.

email-marketing-button-on-keyboard-Feature_1290x688_KL-940x501Both Facebook ad email marketing are completely different ways of marketing but they do have 1 thing in common and that is they are highly effective and encourage sales. Facebook marketing helps you grow your audience and build a rapport with you customer while email marketing lets you be more aggressive about your sales pitches which nurturing your leads.

They both and it is easy to integrate the two channels. I’ve highlighted the top 3 ways..

1. Include Icons For Facebook in Emails.

Including a ‘Facebook icon’ on your emails is a great way to encourage your subscribers to follow you on Facebook if they haven’t already.This will strengthen your rapport with your customers convert them into long term

2. Provide Email Sign Ups on Facebook

Similar to how you want to encourage your email subscribers to follow you on Facebook, you should also encourage your Facebook followers to subscribe to your email list. You can easily create a tab on your page.

3. Host A Facebook Contest

This is a great way to get your Facebook followers to subscribe to your email list. Make sure you keep your campaign relevant to your business. I.e if you are a health food company and thinking of starting a Facebook campaign to gather email subscribers then you want to make sure your contest includes relevant prizes to do with health foods. That way you can ensure that your email subscribers are not only interested in free products but actually interested in your products too!

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Want To Build Your Email List? Read This..

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I just came across this article by Aaron Orendorff – Ultimate Guide: 11 Sign-Up Strategies for Building Your Email List It was a great read and well worth a share so I decided to share it with you guys.

Aaron says that “Subscribe.” Is the second most profitable click your business can target. The first click being “Buy Now.” And that anything is possible once you’ve built an email database.

Aaron shares many great strategies to help you get that profitable click and I have personally selected my top 4 to share with you.

  1. Two-simagestep opt-ins

Did you know that nearly 90% of single opt in subscribers will give you a false name and email? I didn’t know that either. And click through rates are much higher for double opt-in subscribers, infact twice as much as single opt-in subscribers. These facts proves why it’s always a good idea to have a double opt-in form. While you may generate less leads, the leads you do generate with more likely be more quality ones resulting in a more engaged audience.

  1. In-line forms.

These are the most simplest way to get someone to opt into your newsletter while giving your website extra value. Imagine this, you come across a blog on a website that you’re really enjoy reading, then you come to an end and your given the options to have more content you love emailed to you. You will act immediately as this is proving you with

  1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the top ways to convert a visitor into a subscriber. It’s important to make your landing page mobile friendly.  Landing Pages best practices include;

  • Call to action – Make this bold.
  • A/B testing should always be used
  • Don’t be scared to use videos, it helps to convert
  • Keep your landing page clear, simple and focused!

There are many other great strategies mentioned by Aaron so make sure you head to his article to have a read. I also found 3 other similar articles to share with you all;

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