Hello You,

You’ve wandered here onto my page which tells me you would like to get to know me. So I’m going to share my story and inspire you to follow your passion and never settle for anything less than amazing.

Untitled design (31)It was the year 2013 and I was working in a stressful sales job at the bank. I wasn’t waking up everyday excited to get out of bed and I knew that the only person who could change this was me.  After a major health scare and having a Pacemaker inserted at the tender age of 25  I was provided with the ‘kick’ needed to change my pace in life (excuse the terrible pun.)

Untitled design (32)I’m a pure born and breed kiwi chick who loves Fishing and Yoga. Deepening my knowledge of this ancient spiritual practice seemed like a good way to start my new chapter in life. So off I went to Wellpark College to study a Diploma in Yoga. While studying I ventured out to our beautiful blue backyard and worked part time on fishing charter boats as a deckhand – Very Yin / Yang I know. 

Untitled design (29)During this incredible life-changing journey of my life I identified there were no fishing charter agents in Auckland and I was inspired to be first to provide this service. So I started up my very own business – Charters with Natalie . Within 2 months of establishing my business I grew my email database with over 1000 precious people and became a social media and email marketing super star.

Untitled design (34)With these valuable email addresses I knew I had a job to nurture, love and engage with my ‘Petals.’ My business took off faster than a rocket and my talent for email marketing was recognized. Before I knew it clients were ringing me asking If I could do emails for their businesses.. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited. This is how I started up my new business ‘Newsletters by Natalie.’

It is my ultimate commitment to create soulful, purposeful and professional emails that fits right for my clients, adding in their personal brand filter. It’s my passion to help grow their databases and their businesses through optimizing this fantastic marketing channel.

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