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facebook-mailI found an article written by Ana Gotter called 5 Easy Ways to Integrate Facebook and Email Marketing

Ana states that many marketing pros agree that the same people should be running all your marketing campaigns. This includes your Facebook, email and all other social media campaigns. If more than one person is involved in a business’s social marketing then those parties need to work closely together.

email-marketing-button-on-keyboard-Feature_1290x688_KL-940x501Both Facebook ad email marketing are completely different ways of marketing but they do have 1 thing in common and that is they are highly effective and encourage sales. Facebook marketing helps you grow your audience and build a rapport with you customer while email marketing lets you be more aggressive about your sales pitches which nurturing your leads.

They both and it is easy to integrate the two channels. I’ve highlighted the top 3 ways..

1. Include Icons For Facebook in Emails.

Including a ‘Facebook icon’ on your emails is a great way to encourage your subscribers to follow you on Facebook if they haven’t already.This will strengthen your rapport with your customers convert them into long term

2. Provide Email Sign Ups on Facebook

Similar to how you want to encourage your email subscribers to follow you on Facebook, you should also encourage your Facebook followers to subscribe to your email list. You can easily create a tab on your page.

3. Host A Facebook Contest

This is a great way to get your Facebook followers to subscribe to your email list. Make sure you keep your campaign relevant to your business. I.e if you are a health food company and thinking of starting a Facebook campaign to gather email subscribers then you want to make sure your contest includes relevant prizes to do with health foods. That way you can ensure that your email subscribers are not only interested in free products but actually interested in your products too!

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Want To Build Your Email List? Read This..

download (1)

I just came across this article by Aaron Orendorff – Ultimate Guide: 11 Sign-Up Strategies for Building Your Email List It was a great read and well worth a share so I decided to share it with you guys.

Aaron says that “Subscribe.” Is the second most profitable click your business can target. The first click being “Buy Now.” And that anything is possible once you’ve built an email database.

Aaron shares many great strategies to help you get that profitable click and I have personally selected my top 4 to share with you.

  1. Two-simagestep opt-ins

Did you know that nearly 90% of single opt in subscribers will give you a false name and email? I didn’t know that either. And click through rates are much higher for double opt-in subscribers, infact twice as much as single opt-in subscribers. These facts proves why it’s always a good idea to have a double opt-in form. While you may generate less leads, the leads you do generate with more likely be more quality ones resulting in a more engaged audience.

  1. In-line forms.

These are the most simplest way to get someone to opt into your newsletter while giving your website extra value. Imagine this, you come across a blog on a website that you’re really enjoy reading, then you come to an end and your given the options to have more content you love emailed to you. You will act immediately as this is proving you with

  1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the top ways to convert a visitor into a subscriber. It’s important to make your landing page mobile friendly.  Landing Pages best practices include;

  • Call to action – Make this bold.
  • A/B testing should always be used
  • Don’t be scared to use videos, it helps to convert
  • Keep your landing page clear, simple and focused!

There are many other great strategies mentioned by Aaron so make sure you head to his article to have a read. I also found 3 other similar articles to share with you all;

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Be An Infographic Guru


I came across this blog post by Jeff Bullas20 Cool Tools for Creating Infographics and found some amazing online design websites that will help you turn up the heat with your digital and email marketing visuals.
Infographics are a simple yet highly effective way to take a thousand words and convert them into easily digestible information, let’s face it no-body has time to read long blog posts which is why infographics are one of the most popular forms of imagery in digital marketing.

Thankfully these days we don’t have to be Photoshop pro’s to create great images, there are many online free tools that will help you create simple infographics. Make sure you add color to your infographics as 80% of people are more willing to read anything with colors.

I’ve checked out Geoffs 20 top picks and had a play around with all of these cool tools and  I’ve come up with my top 3.. Enjoy!

  1. download

Coming in at third place is Visme. Create interactive presentations, infographics and much more with this amazing tool. You will feel spoiled for choice with all the free template options available. Are you a teacher or student? If so, a great benefit of Visme is there are special prices for you.



Coming in at 2nd place is Canva. If you haven’t heard of Canva I suggest you stop reading this right now and sign up and start designing. Canva is a brilliantly simple creative site that allows anyone to become a designer. Select from templates including infographics, business cards, twitter headers.. and start creating! If you looking for a simple and easy design program to create images for social media/email marketing Canva is your answer.


download (1) is a fantastic tool for creating delicious looking infographics with only a few clicks. There are many templates to choose from and once you’ve selected the template you would like you choose you can edit it easily.. Or should I say! This awesome infographic tool defiantly deserves the number 1 spot on my list!


Loading Natalie's top 3 blog post links

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Don’t Bore Your Audience

-Please Put Us Out Of Our Misery.-I love reading a good article about the importance of writing good quality content so when I came across this article written by Sherry Gray >> 7 Tactics to Write Quality Content Your Audience Will Love I just knew I had to share it with you.

Content must be unique and stand out and you should always research. Here I’ve briefed the 7 Tactics to writing quality content your audience will love so much that they’ll come back for more..

1. Monitor Social Media

Make sure you’re in the game! Pick up on latest trends and news.

2. Get to know your customers

Listening to your comments and complaints are essential for your business to grow. Learn your audience’s likes and dislikes and produce content to suit.

3. Check out your competitors

Check out what content your competitors are delivering and if people are engaging with it. We don’t suggest you copy what they are doing, but it will give you a strong indicator of what works and you can use this to inspire you to write good quality content.

4. Do Keyword Research

Ride on the trends in the current market and research keywords. Keywords are valuable as they let you know what people are talking about, responding to and sharing.

Untitled design (5)

5. Test Your Titles

Put yourself in your audience’s boots for a minute and think about what would draw you in to  pick up what they’re putting down. Titles must be short and sweet and contain a primary keyword that will lure you into reading the content.

6. Read The Research

I can’t stress this enough the difference between reading research and not reading research is crucial. Key Findings are: Longer content is more populate and images are practically mandatory. People share content based on emotional value.

7. Optimize Your Content

Content is your brand, and you’ve poured your heart into a killer post but you still need to optimize your work before you hit the publish button. You can never predict how viral your content will go but you have a better chance with by producing well-written personable posts loaded with information and eye candy. Humans are visual, how about sharing a video or slideshow? This will increase and boost the share value of your posts.

Ok your homework doesn’t stop here. Check out these following articles I found that will help you create good quality relevant content;

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Make your emails go viral!

-Please Put Us Out Of Our Misery.- (3)

Have you ever received an email that you enjoyed reading so much that you forward it to friend? If you answered ‘Yes’ then think about what made it that good that you had to forward it. If you answered ‘No’ then think about what would make an email worthy of sharing to a friend.

I came across this interesting read by columnist Chad White – 5 Secrets To Getting Subscribers To Forward Your Emails. Chad illustrates 5 key tactics to get your email subscribers to forward your emails, I will briefly touch on these points.

  1. The Smaller The Audience, The More Viral The Email

Small ‘niche’ companies tend to get more forwards than your bigger companies. This is because bigger businesses have bigger email lists and with broader content. The more direct content your email includes means the more your subscribers are going to forward it.

  1. Personalization Allows You To Reach Others

No surprises here! Tailor your emails to appeal to your subscribers, that way they are more likely to forward it to friends and potential new subscribers for you.

  1. When You Say “Share On Social,” Subscribers Hear, “Forward This Email”

This surprises me.. But its been proved that this is the strongest tactic to get your email forwarded.. And it’s as simple as having a “Share with your network’ call-to-action in every email you send.  There we go – we learn something new everyday!

  1. Single Subject Emails are More Shareable

There is strong evidence single subject emails are more likely to be shared over multiple subject emails. Less is best!

  1. Simplicity Spurs Forwards 

The most viral emails seem to be the most simply designed. Simple, clear messages with eye catching images is just what you need to increase your changes on getting your email to go viral.

Untitled design (41)

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Feel free to comment or share your thoughts on what you think contributes to the qualities of a viral email.

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Why It’s Important To Get Creative With Your Email Subject Line

-Please Put Us Out Of Our Misery.- (2)I found this rad article that highlights just how important a good email subject line is when you are sending out emails for your business. Read the full article here >> An Email Subject Line Testing Case Study by Tim Watson.

An experiment was carried out by Money dashboard targeting two lists using A/B subject line split testing. One list segment was active and the other one was inactive. An inactive list generally contains new subscribers that haven’t clicked on your email yet or they are an existing subscriber and haven’t clicked on an email in 5 months or more.

The two subject lines that were tested in this experiment were

Untitled design (40)

Based on the results of this study carried out by Money Dashboard  the second subject line prompted customers to open the email more than the first one. And I find this part most intriguing about the experiment.. The inactive segment open rate was much higher than the active one. So your inactive list is not as dormant as you think!

Untitled design (38)This proves that subject lines should be interesting, creative and out of the box. It must appeal to customers and by throwing in a question it prompts your customer to think and provide an opinion which makes them feel valued.

I have browsed through the web and discovered many more articles that will help you write a good email subject line.

My top 3 picks are..

Feel free to comment or share your thoughts bellow on what you think makes a good email subject line.

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